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New issue of "Inside Life"

Greetings once again from Auckland!

Literature: A new issue of "Inside Life", our 30th, has just been printed, and has been added to the website at It will be distributed this weekend in about 15,000 letterboxes in selected areas nationwide. Thank you for your prayers that God will use the magazine to open the minds of unbelievers to appreciate the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am mailing copies to the congregations and scattered members throughout NZ over the next few days, along with a letter to all members from Dennis Richards.

Wellington Activities: This evening, from 4pm to 6pm, Louis Smith is running a “Streetball with Kenny McFadden” free community event in Titahi Bay.

Last week Louis had the opportunity to present as an advocate for victims of abuse and violence at a governmental forum on “Strengthening the Criminal Justice System for Victims”. Louis shared stories and experiences from a Pasifika viewpoint.

Hamilton: Robin and Arline Connelly visited the small group in Hamilton with David and Marilyn Wong last Sunday, and gave a very helpful presentation on the work of the Church in Bangladesh.

Fiji/Vanuatu: Marius and Elvise Taren of the Rory church are currently in Fiji on a month-long training program with Isei and Va Colati. They left yesterday with the Colatis on their annual two-week-long tour around the northern parts of Fiji. As well as meeting the members in Fiji and developing their pastoral knowledge and skills, they are able to improve their English, so the trip has many benefits. Marius has had the opportunity to speak to the Fiji church about the church in Vanuatu.

Philippines: The Church has made a small donation to help finance the SEP camp soon to be held in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

New website: The website is currently being revamped. I’ll let you know when the new website is online, which should be within the next few days.

That’s it for now. Warm regards, Rex

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