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Refresher Weekends


We are passionate about equipping, training, and proclaiming the relational nature of God. Our goal is healthy churches who want to be a part of God’s renewal.

For two years in a cycle of three, we gather at a central location in February for a weekend of fellowship, fun, learning and the stimulation of "iron sharpening iron". Discussion, Q&A, activities - all centred on both general Christian themes and issues specific to our own fellowship.  

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Because of Covid-19, our Refresher Weekend originally planned for February 2020 was delayed until July 2021. It went ahead at the new time, and was most enjoyable and fruitful. A report on the July 2021 Refresher is available by clicking this link.

The 2022 Refresher Weekend was held on Zoom because of Covid travel restrictions. For a report, click this link:

NZ Update -- 4 March 2022

This year’s Refresher Weekend (17-19 March 2023) in Waikanae aims to explore the ‘how to’ as well as the wonder of God’s love shared to others.  Martin Bailey, a certified personal and business coach, will speak and workshop “The 4 E’s” – Engage, Equip, Empower and Encourage.  Martin hails from the GCI Melbourne congregation in Australia.  We are sure you will find him thoroughly engaging and will enjoy his robust British sense of humour. 

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