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 For our health, wellbeing, and safety, all church services are suspended for at least 4 weeks from 23 March. We will update you here about when they are likely to resume, or if small groups will be in place instead.

Service for 28 & 29 March now online

- apologies it does start with a black screen for a few seconds. Be patient until it loads!

Service of 29th March (Prayer Day) is on YouTube


During the lockdown, we intend to have at least one service online each week. You will be able to watch online with a link to a video on our site, or we will send you an invitation to joint our Zoom-hosted meeting to either watch or listen live.


If you get an invite via email, all you need to do is click on that link at the appointed time to attend the service. What you may want to do the first time is click on the link 10 minutes before the meeting starts and check whether you can hear the audio, and if you have a microphone on your computer, whether that is working as well. There will be a popup asking you to download the Zoom software to your computer, so please accept the prompt to install the software. While you can watch online without downloading the software, it is not as good, or as trouble-free as using the software. Those with a smartphone will be prompted to download the app. If you want to try testing how this works at another time please follow the instructions on this page to join a test meeting:  https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115002262083-Joining-a-test-meeting

For those without a computer or a smartphone, the invitation extended to you will have a New Zealand phone number to ring. At the moment we have either an Auckland number or Wellington number to call (if you are outside of these calling areas toll charges will apply, depending on your own phone calling plan). Then you need to enter the meeting ID (using a touch tone phone). You should ensure that your phone is muted after dialing in. There are verbal instructions on the phone call telling you how to do this.

We may not be able to offer worship in song online, but we will give you a list of suggested songs that we think would fit with the week's messages.

Next Sunday, 29 March, please join us in a day of prayer and fasting. 

GCI in New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu will set aside Sunday March 29 as our time of prayer and fasting. It is a very meaningful way to be united together, with humble hearts knowing that of ourselves we are limited and finite, a time to focus on our Infinite and loving God – as we ask for His help and intervention at this time.

As we spend time in prayer and fasting, certain thoughts come to mind:

  • Jesus is our foundation, and the personification of our hope;

  • Jesus is near, and promises to never leave nor forsake us;

  • God is Healer, and we pray for his intervention for those who are sick throughout the world;

  • God strengthens those who are weak, ask for his strength for the medical personnel serving tirelessly;

  • God provides wisdom from above, pray for insight to be given to researchers seeking solutions;

  • God tells us to pray for our leaders, may his guidance encircle the civic leaders and health officials;

  • God is Provider, seek his provision for those whose income and economic standing have been greatly impacted by this crisis;

  • Holy Spirit guard us from fear or anxiety, and give us your divine peace which is beyond our human understanding;

  • Holy Spirit open hearts and minds to the glorious light and saving power of Jesus which lifts us above any human crisis.

Thy will be done in the powerful name of Jesus. And let the church around the world say – Amen!

How can you now serve?

While housebound, there are many ways you can serve the Church. Prayer is so important right now. Keep on encouraging one another. We need to stay connected, and support one another. Make sure you have the contact phone numbers and addresses of family and friends. Reach out, from a distance, to your neighbours, and have some way to alert someone if you are unwell or need help in any way. Send cards and letters of encouragement to one another. Offer some surplus baking or garden produce to your neighbours. Share helpful ideas and tips with each other.

Stay up-to-date with our weekly updates

As long as we are unable to gather for services, your local pastor or pastoral team will endeavour to keep you up to date with any news by sending regular emails. For those who don't have email, they will send the material by post. We'll also try to keep in touch with you by phone from time to time. We hope all of us will make a special effort to reach out to one another by making phone calls or sending texts or emails, so that no one feels cut off or isolated during this time of crisis.