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NZ Update -- 4 March 2022

Training Weekend: This year we had a training weekend with a difference! Rather than our usual get-together in Waikanae, the pandemic necessitated our meeting on Zoom. But while we weren’t able to stay, meet and eat together in the normal way this time, the “gathering” was still very enjoyable, instructive and inspiring.

Around 40 people participated, using 30 or so desktop, laptop or mobile phone screens. There were attendees from 4 different countries: NZ, Australia, Fiji and the Philippines.

After an opening Worship Service on Saturday. Dennis’ presentation entitled “Christ-focus in Worship” introduced the reasons for GCI's adoption of a new worship calendar. Phil Baldwin then gave an extensive outline on the topic of “Understanding the Christian Calendar and its Use in Worship”.

The Sunday sessions began with another time of praise and worship, followed by my presentation on “Christ-focus in Communion”, including a consideration of how often we should observe the Lord's Supper. Phil then gave a session on “Making best use of the Revised Common Lectionary”, and we concluded with a Communion Service.

There was ample time for questions, discussion and feedback during the weekend, sparking some lively times of fellowship and sharing. Participants found the weekend very educational and inspiring. Here are a few quotes from feedback received later:

“The 2-day sessions were worth all the effort your team put into them. And thank you indeed as it rests on the unity of the Church in general with its Captain guiding it all along”. --Jope Uqeuqe, Fiji

“Thanks for the weekend; thoroughly enjoyed the learning and fellowship”. -- Bert Chandler, Queenstown

Thank you seems quite inadequate for you all enabling the 2-day Training Sessions; however, it is sent with much gratitude and love. Thank you for all of the hours put in for the presentations and music, especially for your patience and kindness in the

feedback sessions. I now have a much better understanding of the RCL and its purpose, and the Christ-focus in worship and Communion.” -- Shelley Horton, Australia

The videos of the weekend sessions can be viewed on the GCI NZ YouTube channel.

Warm regards, Rex


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