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NZ Update -- 4 December 2020

NZ Update – 4 December 2020

Festival: The NPT met on Wednesday and made the decision that this year's annual celebration will be held at Keswick Christian Camp in Holden's Bay on Lake Rotorua, beginning on Wednesday 13th October (with set up the day before) and concluding on Sunday 17th October. (Note that this is a week later than previously may have been announced, but still in the school holidays.) Dennis Richards and Peter Lindop have had an initial tour around the camp and information as to costs and arrangements will be sent out early in the New Year. In the meantime you can have a virtual look at the camp on their website:

Zoom Services: The NPT also agreed to continue next year with our Zoom services on the first Sunday of each month, but to discontinue the mid-month Zoom studies.

Our next Zoom service comes up this Sunday, December 6th, where we will be privileged to hear a message from Daphne Sidney. Although the mid-month studies will be discontinued, it is possible for members to tune into the Zoom studies from Tasmania, which are held every second Friday afternoon, the next one being Friday December 11th, at 4 p.m. NZ time. The Zoom link is, Meeting ID 973 9986 7529 (no password required).

Fiji: The Mua family at Ra, on the northern side of Viti Levu, (about 3 hours’ drive from Suva) have been running a small roadside stall for selling vegetables for some years, and have allowed farmers and villagers from the surrounding areas to sell produce at their stall without paying any stall fees. Passenger buses and other passing traffic stops to pick up vegetables sold at a dollar a heap—they call it “One dollar market”.

Recently the Suva church decided to help the Ra community by building a sturdier stall using iron pipe posts and treated pine rafters with new corrugated roofing iron.

Construction is now proceeding, although it was delayed by bad weather and also the funeral preparation and service for the late Mrs. Vunibokoi, a member from the same village. Nine youths from Suva have travelled to Ra on two Saturdays to help with the construction, which is now 75% complete, and planned to be finished by the end of the year.

Isei Colati reports that “The feedback from the whole community is overwhelming. They are asking about the Church. They have been selling their vegetables in the rain or under the hot sun for a very long time. They cannot believe that a Church could help them in this way.

“Some members of the community also came in to give a helping hand. Some gave some added materials. They even went out to do logging for the floor. Shown in the background of the photo to the left is a bundle of new cloth wrapped around the building by the community. This is a traditional way to show their appreciation for any new thing done in their village.”

Prayer Update: I’m happy to say that William Davies’ blood pressure has gone down a little, and he is feeling better, but still very tired and in need of our continued prayers for his health. He is very grateful for our prayers.

Warm regards to all, Rex


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