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NZ Update -- 26 June 2020

Board meeting: Sunday's Zoom board meeting went well, although unfortunately Les Evans had problems connecting to Zoom and had to offer his apology. The meeting was recorded though, so he was able to catch up with the proceedings later.

The meeting began with a devotional led by Dennis, and the sharing of communion together.

A large part of the meeting comprised a discussion of strategic directions, based on a pastoral report from Dennis which incorporated answers from a survey that had been sent to the ministry posing questions about the health of the church, asking for feedback on our national Zoom experience and how we might leverage what we’ve learned, seeking feedback on our alignment with the Ministry Action Plan presented to the Board in March, as well as with Home Office teaching patterns, and exploring opportunities to better reach into our communities and fulfil the Great Commission.

The strategic discussions were focused on the development of emerging youth leaders and plans for next steps in that process. From that the idea developed of connecting some of our young leaders particularly in our focus churches of Masterton and Suva (who are already being worked with) with youth leadership in Australia to foster a working relationship between them.

The financial situation was reviewed. The board had received a letter of thanks from ACCM Director John McLean for a contribution we had sent to support the work of educating our current and emerging ministry leaders around the world. Manny Ornejas has begun studies with ACCM this year, and Marius Taren has also been working on some courses.

The next item on the Agenda was the Festival, which is going ahead at El Rancho from 30 September to 4 October as previously advised. A member letter and registration form will be sent out shortly.

There was discussion of the aid needed by our Vanuatu members following Cyclone Harold in April. The meeting concluded with a discussion centred around the Health and Safety and Child Safety policies we are currently working on for GCI-NZ.

The next meeting will be held at the end of the Waikanae Festival.

Zoom Service: There will be an interactive Zoom service this Sunday at 2.00pm, led by Dennis Richards, on the Genesis 22 story of Abraham’s offering up Isaac.

The link and password will be the same as for previous services.

All of our Zoom services from May and June can be accessed at the following link:

Fiji: We’ve received a brief update from Isei Colati on what is happening with the Covid-19 lockdown situation in Fiji. He mentioned that the Government has now increased the permissible social gathering number to 100.

This enables the Fiji members to begin meeting at services again, starting this coming Sunday, which happens to be the 41st anniversary of the Suva church, so that will be cause for a double celebration!

A curfew remains in Fiji from 11pm to 4am every day.

Prayer Update: Sue Wood came home last Friday after 2 weeks in hospital. She is making good progress and appreciates prayer.

Anniversary: The Auckland congregation had a wonderful afternoon tea to celebrate Barry and Gael Nottingham’s 56th wedding anniversary last weekend. Here is a photo of the happy couple cutting their cake.

Warm regards to all, Rex

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