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Fiji Festival and Masterton Anniversary

FESTIVAL REPORT FOR FIJI – 2019 by Isei Colati

We have just returned from 8 days of a most enjoyable Festival 2019, celebrated with the theme “Celebrating our Inheritance in the Kingdom of God.”

The following nations were represented: 4 from Australia, 2 from Nauru, a family of Tonga nationals staying in Fiji and the rest from Fiji.

In the opening message, Bob Regazzoli, pastor from Brisbane, our guest speaker, gave a very inspiring detailed look at the reality of “Celebrating our Inheritance in the Kingdom of God”.

He also gave a message on Healthy Church and Healthy Leadership, quoting from the examples of Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul and another message on God the Master Potter and we are the Clay. In his closing message Mr. Regazzoli spoke on the Glory of Jesus Christ.

During the Men’s Ministry session, Mr. Regazzoli reminded the men of the fact that the Bible is the true revelation of who Jesus Christ is. Men in the church were able to share their individual journey walking with God. Everyone had a unique story to tell, for the benefit of all.

Other presentations included the following:

  • Learning to be Christ like every day.

  • This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

  • Justification is through Jesus Christ.

  • Israel’s Journey Example for us.

Every year, we have kept one day for Fijian language Services. Overseas brethren usually take the day to make their own plans for the day.

The Youths had a Bible Study session with Mr. Regazzoli. They were encouraged to realise that each of them is unique and special. Relationship is the key. The ladies also had a Bible Study session conducted by Mrs Regazzoli. The focus was on “Who am I?”

One of the highlights of the Festival this year was the involvement of the children in our church services every day. They performed action songs and quoted their memory Bible verses. All the Festival activities from Hall decorations, Flower arrangements, Family Day, Fun Night etc. were given to the Youth of the Church to organise. This was to allow them to put into practice their role for tomorrow as leaders. They did extremely well.

All members in the camp site were divided into 4 groups. Each group was assigned to prepare meals for the whole Festival Group, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We have now appointed 4 youths to lead the Meal Groups for the 2020 Festival.

The average daily attendance for the festival was 70 with the low at 59 and highest at 97 on the last day, which ended with all the members coming together to partake of the Lord’s Supper, led by Mr. Regazzoli.

Also on a very special high note, we were able to baptize a young lady, Ms. Alanieta Disele from the Suva Congregation during the Festival.

The theme of our last evening was “Island Night,” where all traditional foods were prepared and served for our final meal together until we meet again at Festival 2020.

Festival planning for 2020 is already under way. Dates are from 09 -18/10/2020 again at The Coral Coast Christian Camp, with the theme “Celebrating the Unity of the Holy Spirit which is the Bond of Peace”. Everyone is invited.


The GCI Masterton Church celebrated its 3rd anniversary on Sunday October 20th at Solway School where we meet regularly. About 58 adults and 14 children attended the celebration. Aside from GCI Masterton, some friends and other members from some evangelical churches also attended the event. Most are Filipinos who work as beekeepers with their families.

Manny Ornejas gave a short devotional message about Galatians 6:22 and Dennis Gordon gave the main message about the “Lord’s Prayer”. He explained verse by verse Matthew 6:9 – 13, which is very important on our Christian journey. We were so blessed by those inspiring messages. The service ended with an offertory message by Edwin Jovellano, and a closing prayer from Dennis Richards. The music team, which is mostly young ones, were also inspired in their performance.

The celebration ended with fellowship and yummy Filipino food.

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