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Weekend at Waikanae: Feb 15-17, 2019

Greetings from Auckland! The Women’s Retreat held the weekend of February 15-17 was very successful indeed. Please click here to read a report from Marilyn Wong, who coordinated the Retreat.

The Church Board met on the Friday prior to the beginning of the Retreat. Daphne Sidney from the Australian office attended as a visitor, as did David Wong. The meeting began with a devotional led by Les Evans, and the taking of communion together. There was discussion around instituting a programme of ministerial supervision, and the idea of an audit by a church consultant. The Board agreed to make a further donation to the Hope Project, which is about to launch its annual campaign of promoting the gospel message to NZ via TV ads and a nationwide booklet drop at Easter time.

Dennis Richards’ pastoral report pointed to a couple of events planned for later in 2019, a pastoral team training weekend in July, and Festival 2019 to be held at El Rancho in October.

Following the regular meeting, the Board held its 17th Annual General Meeting. Peter Lindop’s Chairperson’s report will be sent to all members along with an upcoming letter from Dennis. The annual performance report was accepted and will be sent to the Charities Commission for publication on their website.

Rod Matthews and Marilyn Wong both announced their retirement from the Board. Marilyn has served for six years as a Trustee, and Rod has been on the Board from its formation in 2003, and on the National Advisory Council before that. The Trustees expressed a profound vote of thanks to him for his huge contribution to the Board and the Church in NZ, and also to Marilyn for her valued contribution.

The National Pastoral Team (Dennis, Rod, David and Rex) held a weekend retreat, running at the same time as the Women’s Retreat, but situated a few kilometres away at a house in Martinborough. This was our first ever retreat, and an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and set the foundation for the future under the new administrative structure. It was marked with not a little tinge of sadness however as we farewelled Rod, whose input and advice over the years has been priceless. We’re delighted though that Rod and Ruth will be with us for Festival 2019 at Waikanae in October, so we haven't said “Goodbye” yet!

Warm regards, Rex

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