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NZ Update 30 August

Hello once again from Auckland!

Video application to Google Summit

Special Award: I’m happy to report that Lianne Trevarthen has been awarded an all-expenses paid trip to San Francisco to attend the annual “Google Connect Live” Summit to be held October 16-18. Just 150 from around the world are invited to the Summit, and Lianne is one of only two from NZ to be selected this year. This is in recognition for her contributions of photos, reviews and information submitted to improve Google Maps over the past several years. According to Google: “To celebrate the superstars in our global community, we’re bringing together a select group of Local Guides for two and a half days of inspirational activities in the San Francisco Bay Area”. Congratulations to Lianne!

NASA photo of a smile in space

"Inside Life": By now everyone should have received a copy of the latest issue. If you haven't received one, or you would like a few more copies to distribute to friends etc, please let me know. This is the way I advertised the issue on the "Inside Life" Facebook page:

A SMILEY FACE IN SPACE! Did you know the Hubble Space Telescope has recently taken a photo of a smiley face floating in outer space? Our latest cover features this image and explains it on page 2. And page 9 has a photo of a huge heart shape found on the face of Pluto. Could these be love notes from a Creator God? In fact they are physical phenomena discovered by the marvels of scientific technology. But can religion prove that God exists, or science prove there is no God? Read the latest "Inside Life" at

Over 500 people have so far clicked that they “like” the photo, and many have looked at the "Inside Life" website.

Festival: Many thanks to those who have returned their forms so far. Please remember that time is moving fast, and the deadline for sending in forms (September 12th) is now only just over two weeks away!

Warm regards to all, Rex

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